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Deanna L. Byrne
30 Years Professional Experience

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Are you looking for clarification and insight into your life and souls journey?

As a trusted and experienced card reader along with being an accredited spiritual life coach with over 30 years experience, Deanna can help.

Readings help to access the spiritual knowledge and guidance hidden in all of us. Readings with Deanna are tailored to your own individual needs. They will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your souls purpose. The messages also provide insight to any challenges you are facing. Deanna does not do any medical/pregnancy readings, relationships and can't guarantee connection with a lost loved one.  You can view the thousands of comments on her Tik Tok for connection and credibility. @lifecoachdeanna

Divination and Card Readings

Card readings are a defined channeling experience from spirit. Deanna is not a medium and never claims to be one. There are times when a specific spirit will come through however this is never guaranteed. 

Readings are information being sent to you from your higher self and spirit. Deanna will not do medical/pregnancy and death readings. 

EFFECTIVE February 13th, 2024 all readings will now be done VIA ZOOM. We will offer you a video recording of your reading (this is subject to the system working. There is always risk when zoom recording). Readings are maximum 30 minutes in length and will be ended at that time. Your appointment begins are your scheduled time so please ensure you are on time. The appointment will end at the scheduled time.   IMPORTANT READ AFTER BOOKING


All prices are based in USD as international readings are offered and booked. 

30 Minutes 

$111.00 USD -ZOOM Reading (live) - BOOK
$122.00 USD Non Live Readings with Audio Recording. 


Embark on a mystical journey with Deanna, a gifted spiritual guide who specializes in virtual oracle card readings. Even without physical presence, she connects profoundly to your unique energy, tuning into your questions, concerns, and hopes. Through the art of oracle cards, Deanna channels wisdom and guidance tailored specifically to you. Experience the power of connection from wherever you are, as she delivers insights in a personalized audio recording sent directly to your inbox. Embrace the unknown, trust the process, and let Deanna lead you towards clarity and enlightenment.



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