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Algorithm of life

Elements of EmpowHERment

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How to Unlock Your Potential


If you have been quietly struggling with your confidence, body image, sexual intimacy or empowerment this program WILL help.

Women are exposed to negative societal programming from the time they are children. They are told to act, dress and look a certain way. Then as they grow older they are in positions of life where they put family, children and even partners first and over time.... they lose their own internal flame. I get that! I have been there and I found a way out of that spiraling chaos of emotions and negative self talk. I learned to "love her" again. 

I have spent that last few months developing an amazing program that works. I personally used these tools to get me ack on track, to get me loving ME again and to allow me incredible emotional freedom. 

Watch this video to learn more about this exciting program and how it will also work for you. 

What you receive with your investment


This six week program is completed at your own pace and you receive a beautiful Self Love Journal (in PDF) for to print off and use. 

Six audio self hypnosis recordings (one each week) 

Access to the video recordings of the self hypnosis sessions.

VALUE $401.00.png
VALUE $401.00.png
Pay in FULL for Extra Freebies.png
payments for Extra Freebies.png

Zoom Coaching Calls


I will be offering THREE live coaching Zoom calls during the program. These will be recorded for On Demand viewing if you are unable to attend. 




I am thrilled to have created a beautiful Self Love Workbook for you to print off and utilize during the program. Also, for those who choose the "pay in full" option I am also including my Discover Your Passion and Purpose Workbook for NO additional charge! 

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Pay in FULL for Extra Freebies.png

The Fine Print....


This program is a self paced ON Demand Life solution. There are no one on one coaching calls with this program. 

You are provided an access link to the secure section of the website where you can download the audio links and view the videos. 

Your workbook will be on the secure area where you can also download to print off. The Passion and Purpose Workbook(s) is offered at the end of the program for those who choose the pay in full option. 

All recordings and workbooks are proprietary and under strict copyright laws. They are designed for program participants only.

Your commitment to the program determined your success. Self Hypnosis is a powerful tool when used as recommended. 

Programs are 100% fully non refundable. 

Payment plan is offered for $55.11 x 6 weeks. This plan does not include the Passion & Purpose Workbook and additional audio files. 


The payment in full link will take you to our merchant provider. Those that wish to take advantage of the payment plan will be sent to an email link. We will contact you to set you up with payment upon receipt. 

ALL requests will be responded to within 48-72 hours via email. Please check your spam folder. If you do not receive an email please reach out ASAP so we can get you set up. 

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payments for Extra Freebies.png
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