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Law of Attraction Virtual Training

Deanna is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and has developed a seminar packed with all of the information you need to fully understand and utilize this wonderful form of mindset manifestation. 

Our program is offered via Zoom and you have full access to all of the On-Demand Training videos, manual, worksheets and transformation journal. By the end of the seminar, you will feel fully confident in using all of the tools provided for you. 

You also have the option to join the LOA Envision Group to continue on the journey, connect with like-minded people, and more. 

This program is in-depth with great virtual learning, support, and step-by-step guides. 

Program Outline

  1. What is Law of Attraction?

  2. The Laws of Quantum Physics - The Science 

  3. History of Law of Attraction 

  4. Celebrity Stories 

  5. FIVA

    1. Focus​

    2. Imagine

    3. Visualization 

    4. Affirm 

  6. Law of Attraction - Manifestation Journal 

  7. Mindfulness and Mindset Shifting 

  8. The TICA Method 

    1. Transformational ​

    2. Inspired

    3. Committed

    4. Action 


We will also go over how to calm the mind, gain focus and clarity, and how to narrow down your desire with laser focus. Then how to create the manifestation plan. 








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