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The signature program is designed to help you work through the process of Grief and Bereavement and is structured to help manifest your build your future self.

When you lose a partner or spouse you will immediately feel as if you have lost a piece of yourself, as your last breath left with theirs. This can be a very dark time full of deep anguish and uncertainty. You may find it hard to breathe. If you have lost a child you may feel as though you have lost your purpose, your reason to move on, and a piece of you. The void you feel may be too difficult to handle. If you have lost a parent you may feel as though your guiding light is gone, your voice of knowledge, and your foundation. You are left confused, overwhelmed, and deeply sad with no purpose. Grief itself can immediately stop you in your tracks and at a crossroad where you are unsure of what direction to take. 

There is really no set timeline for grief and bereavement. This is a very individualized process although many of our loved ones will offer words of support, advice, but also expectations. These expectations are what can literally sink us, feeling like we have a huge block of cement on our chest. Unable to breathe and unable to grow. 

You do not have to work through this process alone, aligning yourself with a professional that understands, listens, and is your true advocate, will be one of the best decisions you can make.

I have written this program based on my own life experience, after suddenly losing my husband of twenty years,  on January 18th, 2020. The downward spiral that immediately started, allowed me to fully understand all of the aspects of deep grief. The multitude of little particles of emotions that arise when you are in intense and raw grieving.

The fear, the uncertainty, and the gut-wrenching pain. It's all real and it all manifests into all aspects of our lives and relationships. 

This signature program is designed to be covered over 5 in-person or virtual coaching sessions. These five sessions will allow us time to chat, allow you to fully release your thoughts, your feelings, and your fears; without judgment. We can also incorporate gentle hypnosis sessions if you like, that can assist you with many of the deep-seated feelings that have been brought to the surface, because of this traumatic experience.

The program will provide you with a series of self-building exercises that you are able to do in the comfort of your own home, around your own schedule. We will go over these exercises during our sessions to talk about what may have come to the surface, emotional triggers, and what insights you may have pulled from them.

We will also begin the journey of what is called grief journaling. Grief journaling is a healing process that allows you to get thoughts out of your mind, to really isolate plans for your future, on paper in front of you, and to simply allow you an avenue where you can vent in your own words and in your own way. Again, without judgment. Your journal can be private or you can share during our sessions, that is completely your call. 

This program includes the following:

  • The Value Tattoo exercise.

  • The ChoicePoint exercise.

  • Promoting Altruism and Enhance your Purpose exercise

  • The Beyond Limitation Technique.

Grief Journaling includes the following:

  • Stages of Grief

  • Honoring Your Own Personal Stages of Grief

  • Normal Versus Complicated Grief

  • Your Mourning Rights

  • Grieving Rituals

You will also have access to Hypnotherapy options if you choose to add this: 

  • Bereavement Hypnotherapy 

  • Loneliness Hypnotherapy 

  • Saying Good-Bye

  • Staying Strong

  • Survivors Guilt 

Also, We have Spiritual Offerings for those that want to connect:
(These can be added for additional sessions to your program)

  • Connecting to Your Higher Self Hypnotherapy

  • Meeting Your Spirit Guide Hypnotherapy 

  • Connecting with a Lost Loved One Hypnotherapy


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