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Non-invasive Solutions

Mindful Facelift Yoga is a natural form of exercise that strengthens and plumps the skin. It is a non-invasive holistic therapy unlike popular counterparts like Botox of skin filler injections. Clinical studies have determined that active participants who practice this a minimum of three times per week for twenty weeks showed a three-year decrease in age, lessoned wrinkles, firmer skin, and less dark circles and puffiness.

This modality was developed by Deanna Byrne who brings her 30 years of experience within the healing arts along with her formal training in; Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Face Yoga. The program was created to provide a powerful and effective 30-minute routine that can be done at home, in the car, or even at your desk. 

Our program is offered virtually for classes, training, and professional certification. You can attend a class, learn this technique to use around your schedule, or take the certification training to add it to your list of existing offerings. 

Personal Training Course: You will learn the history of Yoga and Meditation, dietary recommendations, the anatomy of the skin and facial muscles, and will be shown a series of poses that can be used together or individually. You will also be provided with a list of tips and techniques to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life. 

Teacher Training: This course offers all of the above along with more in-depth training in Mindfulness and Meditation. You will learn how to incorporate this modality into your existing practice. Case studies and a final exam will be required to receive your Certificate of Completion along with a CEU form for hours invested. Video tutorials are much more in-depth with the teacher training to focus on the muscles being used for each pose. 

All of our classes are done virtually. 

Some of the benefits participants have documented: 

  1. More oxygen to the face and mind through deep breathing techniques.

  2. Feelings of relaxation and stress reduction.

  3. Clarity of mind.

  4. Greater confidence that comes with looking and feeling well.

  5. Self-control over facial and body movements.

  6. Increased blood flow to the skin, so better circulation.

  7. Fewer headaches.

  8. Fewer wrinkles and defined fashion lines.

  9. A smoother forehead.

  10. Firmer glowing skin.

  11. A more symmetrical face.

  12. Higher, sculpted cheeks.

  13. Brighter wider eyes.

  14. Less droopy eyelids.

  15. Reduction in under-eye circles and eye bags.

  16. A straighter nose.

  17. Plumper lips.

  18. Less fine lines around the mouth area.

  19. A smoother neck.

  20. Less neck strain and backache.

  21. Better control of muscles used for speech and other facial movements.

  22. Defined jawline.

  23. Reduced puffiness in the face.









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Some of MFLY Poses

Upcoming Virtual Training

Virtual Teacher Certification $695.00 or $495.00 for RMT's and Yoga Instructors 


Personal Program Training - Two Day Virtual Event $195.00



Virtual Teacher Training Exam


HST will be added to all program fees.

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