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Day 18

Day 18 - Today was a good day, I smiled, cried and laughed. But the biggest thing was the time I spent being so very thankful that for 20 years I had true love. The kind you hear about in movies or books. The kind that takes your breath away. Butterfly in the belly kind of love. Was it always easy? No. Was it always beautiful? No. It was a journey of self and couple discovery. A road that was bumpy and at times, draining.

Tonight I feel blessed that I was able to experience this connection with someone. A person that pulled me up, made me stronger and loved me for me. A person that encouraged me to be everything I could, pushed me and never gave up on me. His life was far too short because I truly believe he still had so much to give the world but God had a different plan. For that I am sad. I feel him and I hear his messages. He is not far away and I am so very grateful to have him as my guardian angel. Day 18 was good and for that I am also thankful. Forever & Always

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