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What if that pain in your heart was a gift?

As we walk through this path we call life, we encounter many people, places and things. Some warm our heart and some do not. It's the "do not" ones that wreak havoc on our heart and emotions.

Although if we look at that painful situation can we see a gift hidden somewhere deep within that pain? Did it make you smile, did it warm your heart? Did it pull you out of a dark time? There is always a gift hidden deep within. Always.

Sometimes that moment was just not yet ready to fully manifest into something wonderful and with patience it will.

Those times when that pain is so raw and painful it can be hard to sit with it. Sitting with it can feel like a heavy piece of cement on your chest. It can feel hard to breathe and it can feel like in that moment, all the work you did was for nothing. It can be brutal, raw and emotionally draining. But......

Allow that pain to flow freely through you. Allow it to move throughout your body, where does it feel heaviest? If there a physical pain? What physical symptoms is it creating? Really breathe deeply and mentally scan your body. Feel it and see what images you receive. You can even take a few moments after to journal. It is always best to do this immediately after as the messages, images and feelings are still very clear in your mind. Now, close your journal and walk away. You can come back to it later on to read what you have written, then the messages may be more clear.

There is a strong gut/heart connection. Your "gut" is directly linked to your Solar Plexus Chakra. This area is commonly known as your power house. Where you build strength and develop our will. This is what directs and propels you within your vehicle along your journey. THIS is where we feel our anger.

The crux of this Chakra really rests on your will to control your actions and allow emotions to flow freely.

Enhancing your energy for your best and most authentic you is paramount here. Forming a clear purpose as a focus for your will strengthens this area. This is not a one time thing! It takes dedication and commitment. It is hard work!

This Chakra is directly linked to your Ego Identity. How you are self defined. Your ego chooses your intentions and therefore the needed energy to execute those intentions. Having a healthy ego allows you to walk through life challenges with grace and knowing. I will do another blog post specifically about ego in the coming days.

A few questions you can journal on to see how strong your ego center is, are:

  1. Can I stand my ground when challenged in a calm and focused way?

  2. Am I consistent with myself?

  3. What would I say my current level of self growing and spiritual evolution is?

  4. Am I comfortable differentiating from others opinions and views?

  5. Am I true to my own individuality when faced with peer pressure?

  6. Do I focus too much on my own issues and needs? (There is a balance here, self care if vital).

  7. Am I always seeking approval from others or attention?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions take some time to see what you are really seeking within yourself.

The demon associated with this Chakra is shame. When out of flow and balance it effects self esteem and personal power.

Next is your Heart Chakra. This is your area of loving, oneself and others. This is a very sacred and tender area of your physical and energetic being. It is a place of self love and a chamber that allows us to receive and give love. This area of our body provides you with such a powerful self essence that when, out of flow can wreak havoc within our emotional and physical state.

Love has been called the primary essence of life and has the ability to be a master and ultimate healer. Having a balanced Heart Chakra brings you compassion and the ability to feel empathy for others and all of life. The end result for nurturing this Chakra in a healthy and positive way, is internal peace. A strong Heart Chakra can also help you carry others that you love during their journey of difficult times. Holding space for them while not depleting your own. Inner piece is very much achievable. It can take work and with the right guidance and support, will become a glowing aspect of your true authentic self.

The demon of the Heart Chakra is grief. Grief not necessarily looked at in terms of a lost loved one. This can be connected to any loss. A job, a friend, a way of life. Grief has no boundaries.

Releasing grief is imperative for allowing the energetic movement throughout this area. Allow yourself to feel it, cry, sob, scream... let out that emotion.

One way to nourish this Chakra is to practice full and meaningful gratitude daily. Place a focus on the things in your life that bring you joy. Focus on what that joy feels like, visualize it and embed that feeling into your mind, body and spirit.

A few questions you can ask yourself and see what your answers may be:

  1. Do you place conditions on others in order for them to receive your love?

  2. What kinds of conditions do you place on others before you are willing to share your heart?

  3. Can you move past these conditions?

  4. What do you think you can do to let go of this conditioning?

  5. Do you use the past to stop you from allowing people in to love you?

Now that I have outlined a bit of what each Chakra does lets talk about that connection.

When a situation you are confronted with hurts you, angers you, leaves you frustrated and empty what is the gift again? How can something that feels so incredibly bad have a lesson? Peel away the layers and look. One single layer at a time. What was happening with the first one? Look closely. You may find it helpful to draw pictures of these layers. Allow the mind to connect with paper.

Now focus on where you are feeling this pain. It is most likely in your upper stomach and heart area. The emotion in your Solar Plexus causing anger, feeling like you were kicked in the gut, burning and maybe even nausea. Notice your shoulders... are they slumped forward? Is your chest heavy? The connections between these two areas are strong and the energetic motions moving between both, very fluid.

Taking a few moments to nurture yourself using gentle Metta Meditation is very effective.

Sit quietly where you will be undisturbed. Place yourself in a comfortable seated position. If you require a chair that is fine. Now, start with 5 deep breaths... nice long ones, in through your nose and out of your mouth. Start to feel the calmness within your body. Release your tongue from the roof of your mouth and allow your jaw to relax.

Place your left hand over your heart as pictured and your right hand over your Solar Plexus as pictured. Feel the warmth of your hands and begin breathing again. As your belly expands feel that in your right hand. As you exhale feel that in your left hand. Keep taking nice, long slow breaths and keep your hands in place, touching your body. They may begin to feel hot, tingle or even shake.

Now, begin saying to yourself (in your mind or out loud); I am pure love. I give pure love and I receive pure love. Say it over and over. Start to feel the calmness within.

Do this as long as you need to and you will find gentle inner peace.


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