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Love & Appreciate NOW

Start tomorrow and love unconditionally. Look at your partner and appreciate them, love them, do nice things for them. Stop looking for faults and frustration because that is so darn easy in this chaotic world. Step back and remember why you fell in love with them and get back to that point. Warm their blankets in the dryer, thank them for little things, if you are making a snack, make two. Be the BEST person you can be and love them so deeply. Stop getting mad at little things like not taking out the garbage because you know what... you may someday have to take it out all by yourself! Don't criticize and don't have unreasonable expectations. Leave little notes of appreciation or maybe even make a lunch and leave it in the fridge with a happy face. You see, life is unknown and you never want to be in a position where you have to say "I should have" LOVE AND APPRECIATE NOW.

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