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Six Years Ago

Six years ago I was folding up my wedding dress to pack into my suitcase. Six years ago I thought we had time. Six years ago the world was only about you and I.

I miss you baby BUT you would be proud of me. You would see me moving forward, the kids moving forward and us sharing stories with laughter now instead of tears. You would see that pieces of you remain in pieces of us. You would see that we hear your voice in everything we do. Your passion, your drive and your ambition lives on in both of them.

I am finding my true self, I am living and laughing. I am pulling out my inner spirit and relighting my flame. You would be proud because we are all moving towards living our best lives with only your memory, which at times is gut wrenching.

Your constant words "stop crying, get up and brush off your knees to keep pushing forward " is ingrained in our minds. We all take baby steps in that direction every single day. Sometimes we fall backwards but we get back up.

I was so truly blessed to have 20 years with you. You taught me passion, resilience, ambition, focus and deep love.

You supported my strengths and fostered my weaknesses. For that I will always be grateful. I miss you deeply but I feel your guidance and presence everyday.

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