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Wrapping up 2020

This year has been a very difficult one for many. The fear created around this "pandemic" has taken its toll on everyone. The strongest of people are tired.

Our body is not designed to live in flight or flight mode for any length of time. The fear of the unknown causes us to lose our passion, our faith and our compass. We wait and hope that tomorrow will bring better news, and it rarely does.

We now live in a time of harsh judgment if our personal beliefs do not align with the masses. We get called "conspiracy theorists", "anti vaxers" and "anti science"; if we choose to not believe mass media. This again takes its toll on our spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

The loss of ones self this year has seen detrimental affects. We are finding it hard to find and connect with our tribe. Those that understand us, nourish us and motivate us. We have all moved internally to maintain our own strength and sanity. We have no room to carry others and we are unable to plan and execute our dreams.

So who is right and who is wrong? Who do we believe and who do we mistrust? This is the question of the day isn't it? Personally I use a few simple techniques to allow myself to feel the situation and analyze what is happening. I do find it helps.

  • Step away from the situation for a few moments.

  • Sit quietly and focus on my breath and then place my focus on the information. How does it makes me feel? Anxious, fearful, happy?

  • Have I experienced this emotion before and if yes, how did I deal with it?

  • Ask myself if my perception of the situation is my own or what I am told to believe?

  • What can I do today, in this moment to settle my fear and anxiety?

  • Continue on with your breath and feel it within your body. Allow each exhale to release your fear, allow it to release your anxiety and allow it to relax your muscles.

  • Then gently release your tongue from the roof of your mouth and feel your facial muscles relax, continue on with your slow and deep breath. Say the words "I am safe, I am ok, I honor myself.

This simple yet powerful exercise can in effect, calm down your mind and lesson your fear. Do it as many times a day as you feel you need to.

We can't change the message being given to us but we can change how we allow it to control us. You can be safe and you can be focused on a future full of your dreams and passion. You just need to get through today and the moment right now.


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