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Have you ever found that you know things, maybe sense things around you, or even feel that burning in the pit of your stomach where you sense spirits?

Everyone is born with some level of psychic ability. Some choose to ignore it, bury it deep within their subconscious mind, or foster it. They tend to feel a sense of others around them, maybe they know the next song that's going to play on the radio, or even when somebody is about to call and the phone rings. Some even deeper than that, are able to communicate with spirits on the other side. Even see or hear them.

When understanding the laws of quantum physics, you realize that energy never actually leaves. So, therefore, some will argue that when a person passes on, they never actually leave. They simply leave their physical body.

You've possibly read stories or watched documentaries where people have maybe witnessed the other side during a car accident or surgery. They come back with stories so detailed, some even having communicated with lost loved ones. It is hard to argue the fact when so many people have experienced this phenomenon.

Our, Enhancing Your Psychic Ability Signature Program; works deeply within your subconscious mind. We take you through a series of five hypnosis sessions along with coaching worksheets to help you really isolate and foster this part within you.

The hypnosis sessions that we use within this program are geared towards your personal goals. During our pre-talk session, before the program begins we determine what abilities you have; whether they be auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. How you feel or sense spirit or communicate with them is very individualized.

Having psychic abilities does not have to be scary. By working within your subconscious mind and connecting the dots with your conscious mind, we are able to take away those fears and assist you in understanding the process and how you can further this gift deeply.

The program begins with a hypnosis session taking you through your Akashic journey, then on to connecting with your higher self. We then add other hypnosis sessions within the program to assist with your ESP visualization skills, nurturing your psychic ability, and visualization.

The program will give you all of the tools that you need to work on to really nourish and foster this ability within yourself. To assist you in calming down the noise that you may hear around this along with any fears that this may create for you internally.

This is not a psychic mediumship program. This program is specifically designed to pull out your psychic abilities nourish them and assist you in helping them grow. It is about strengthening the gift that is already within you.

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