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Rising Strong - Virtual Event

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Deanna has always lived life to the beat of her own drum, taking risks, taking chances, and jumping into whatever the situation was and learning as she grew.

She began her career in the medical field and because of an injury had to leave that career behind. She then got her insurance license and became a very successful financial advisor. She realized after a couple of years in this industry that it wasn't for her, she wanted to talk to people about living rather than dying.

She entered into the travel industry as a travel consultant. She then decided she wanted to open up her own agency and against all odds built an 8 figure, successful travel agency. One of the largest in Canada.

"Deanna made a pivotal mistake, that began the downward spiral of everything that she had built: her reputation, and her faith. She became collateral damage for one of the largest companies in the industry."

A few months later, she suddenly lost her husband due to a brain aneurysm. The following two years would be the most challenging she had ever endured. Then, in August 2021 she thought she had the flu. Only to find out that she literally only had days to live.

"You lost a substantial amount of blood and your liver enzymes are high, but surgery was successful" - Dr Murphy

Deanna will share her story of loss, triumph, and survival. How she crawled out of the darkest depths of hell, rebuilt her mindset, rebuilt her life, any re-emerged stronger and more focused than she has ever been in her life.

Her story is not only motivating but will encompass the realities and truths within the travel industry, big business, market share and beyond. How she got through cyber bullying, reputational damage, and how she came to terms with allowing herself to align and trust those that truly never had her back.

Her unwavering commitment to those she loves, those she allows into her space, and those whom she helped to become the best they can be, has been the cornerstone of her recovery, her strength, and her perseverance.

Join us for an intimate evening, where Deanna will not only tell her story of survival, but will provide you insight, tips, and tools to allow you the ability to overcome some of the highest mountains you will ever climb.

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