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The Soulful Alchemist 12-Week
Transformational Program for Women!

Are you ready to embrace your inner power and transform your life? Join us for an incredible journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual alchemy. Introducing the Soulful Alchemist program, beginning on August 14th!

What’s Included:

  • Weekly Topics of Growth: Dive deep into essential aspects of personal transformation.

  • On-Demand Videos: Access powerful insights and guidance at your convenience.

  • Live Group Coaching Calls with Deanna: Connect, share, and grow with the support of our community.

  • Workbooks with Daily Journal Prompts: Reflect, write, and evolve with daily prompts provided by the Elevate With Deanna app.

Program Highlights: Each week offers an On Demand Tutorial Video, Workbook, Guided Meditation and Group Coaching Call

  • Week 1: Understanding Spiritual Alchemy

  • Week 2: Embracing Your Inner Goddess

  • Week 3: Healing Past Wounds

  • Week 4: Awakening Inner Strength

  • Week 5: Discovering Your True Purpose

  • Week 6: Harnessing the Power of Intuition

  • Week 7: Manifesting Your Dreams

  • Week 8: Embracing Your Authentic Self

  • Week 9: Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence

  • Week 10: Building Empowering Relationships

  • Week 11: Stepping into Leadership

  • Week 12: Celebrating Your Transformation

Why Join the Soulful Alchemist Program?

  • Transform adversity into strength and radiance

  • Cultivate self-love, resilience, and authenticity

  • Discover and embrace your true purpose

  • Build empowering relationships and step into leadership

  • Celebrate your journey and personal growth

How to Join:

  1. Apply: To reserve your spot now! Limited spaces available.

  2. Prepare: Get ready for a life-changing experience.

  3. Begin: The transformation starts on August 14th!

Don’t miss this opportunity to become the resilient and radiant goddess you are meant to be. Embrace the magic of spiritual alchemy and transform your life with the Soulful Alchemist program.

Apply Today and Elevate Your Journey!

value SA.png
Radiant Transformation
Connecting Hearts
Journey to Authenticity
Mindful Presence
Listening to Inner Wisdom
Healing the Heart’s Wounds (1)
Journey to Inner Alchemy
Empowered Leadership
Path to Purpose
Vision of Dreams Realized
Healing the Heart’s Wounds
Awakening the Inner Goddess
Building Empowering Relationships
Embracing Your Authentic Self
Harnessing the Power of Intuition
Awakening Inner Strength
Discovering Your True Purpose
Healing Past Wounds
Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence
Celebrating Your Transformation
Embracing Your Inner Goddess
Manifesting Your Dreams
Building Empowering Relationships
Understanding Spiritual Alchemy

Program Outline 

The Soulful Alchemist program opens every three months, accepting only 10 participants per session. This limited enrollment ensures each participant receives personalized attention and support to achieve their goals.

As a participant, you will be invited to weekly group coaching calls with Deanna, providing a space for connection, growth, and guidance.

You will also receive 3 months of access to the Elevate With Deanna app, where you can find all on-demand videos, tutorials, worksheets, and workbooks. Additionally, you will gain exclusive access to the student-only community portal on Slack, fostering a supportive and engaging environment.

The investment for this transformative program is only $1,222 USD, offering a program value of over $3,000!

BUT WAIT! There is more! 

I’m excited to offer you a special gift—a four-week on-demand course designed to help you discover and embrace your Wild Woman Archetype. This course is crafted to guide you through a journey of self-discovery, creativity, connection, and strength. And here’s the best part: this course, valued at $1,200, is absolutely free when you join our Soulful Alchemist program.

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