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Soul's Compass 2024

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"Soul's Compass 2024: Oracle Insight with Deanna" is a deeply reflective and forward-looking reading that offers to guide you through the currents of your life. As you stand at the cusp of the new year, Deanna provides a lantern to illuminate your path. This reading is not just about foresight; it's a healing tool, a means to release and renew.

In your session, Deanna will carefully evaluate the key aspects of your current year — identifying what needs to be released to make space for new beginnings. You'll gain insight into what's holding you back, the lessons that have spurred your growth, and the ties that must be severed. It's a process of spiritual decluttering, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you.

As you look towards 2024, Deanna's insights will navigate you through your soul's journey, highlighting potential challenges and blessings. With a particular focus on life, health, wealth, and manifestation, the reading serves as a compass to point you towards your true north.

Expect a transformative experience that doesn't just forecast the future but also empowers you to shape it with intention. Whether you're seeking to enrich your personal life, nurture your health, grow your wealth, or bring dreams into reality, "Soul's Compass 2024" provides the guidance you need to manifest the year you desire.

This detailed reading is done virtually and you are NOT present. Deanna connects to your energy field and records your reading. The mastered audio file is then sent to you and it yours to keep. It will be between 45 to 60 minutes in length. 

Investment is $222 USD - For the month of December these are being offered at a 50% discount for ONLY $111 USD. Readings must be booked and paid for within the month of December for this rate. Once open spaces are filled the discount will not be extended. ONLY 20 spots available. BOOK NOW

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