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The Chakra system is an energy system that runs throughout and surrounds the human body. There are seven main Chakras within the body and when they become out of alignment it can create stress within the body, mind, and spirit.

This program is designed to take you through the process of fully understanding each of the seven main Chakras, where they are connected in the human body as well as the vital organs and conditions that may occur when the system is out of balance. You will be guided to fully understand each one of the Chakras in detail. You will also be provided tools and worksheets to master your own energetic flow and to change limiting behaviors that you have developed.

The program is designed as a self-discovery program. You will work through the process of fully understanding where your body is, how your surroundings are affecting you, and be provided the tools to work through that. Also, cultural and family programming will be discussed, and you will learn how to reframe those triggers.

We will have three separate hypnosis sessions that bring you back to the womb to take a look at how to reprogram the mindset for your energy system, we will do a Chakra regression session as well and one that taps into your feminine energy. These combined throughout the program will not only rebalance your system but will provide you with the tools to keep it balanced moving forward.

All of the hypnosis sessions are recorded and provided to you for use at any time after the program ends. Each session is 1.5 hours in length and begins with a 30-minute pre-talk session via video or phone. The pre-talk session really allows us to peel away some of the layers and make sure that the program is specifically geared towards your individual needs. Our signature program is one on one, which is helpful for people because we're dealing with your needs and allowing you to work through your own personal challenges. Group sessions can be difficult for programs like this because everything becomes intermingled within the energy flow.

This program is wonderful for you to really get a feeling of the emotions that arise within the body connecting the dots to scenarios and situations that also affect the body.  It allows you to isolate and protect yourself energetically.

This program is well received by empaths or those that sense and feel the energy not only within themselves but around them. The program will help you to learn how to build protective flows and not absorb other people’s energy and emotions.

Other people have also gone on to take our detailed Chakra course to better understand and have a more in-depth knowledge of this unique and powerful system. It is not necessary to do so however if you feel that you would like to better understand the system in detail it is recommended.

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