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This three-month EmpowHERment program is specifically designed for women.


Discover your inner strength, your passion, reframe your limiting beliefs and rise up being the true warrior that you are. Tap into and foster your inner guide, learn to trust, and utilize your intuition. Work through the tools and self-work that will clear away the clutter and leave you with focus, passion, and determination. 

The tools that you will discover will allow you growth in not only your personal life but also in business. What is holding you back? Does your inner dialogue stop you? Are you fearful of failure? STOP all of this today. 

Over the course of three months, we will work together to laser focus your strength. You will have a series of Hypnosis and Coaching sessions designed to reframe your thinking, grow your mindset, and give you internal power.  

This program will put you on the path of enrichment, enlightenment, growth, and genuine badassery.  It will flame your inner fire and will change your own personal and professional trajectory.

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