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Deanna L. Byrne
CHt, cMT, mNLP

Social Media LIVE Events are a combination of readings meditations and coaching.

Subscribers always skip the line and have additional privilege's for live events. 

Readings are always done following a very strict code of ethics and conducts. 

The room is a safe and welcome space for everyone. Discriminations is NOT welcome and users will be immediately banned . 

Live events are offered on many of my social platforms. Follow me to be connected.

Meditations and readings are non denominational. Please refrain from offering scripture or advice based on your own religious beliefs. Again, this is a welcome sanctuary for ALL. Racism in any form is not tolerated. 

Live events are for entertainment purposes only. No medication or professional advice is provided. In the event you are requiring immediate help please contact your local emergency line. 

TikTok Live Events

Zoom Live Virtual Events

Facebook Live Virtual Events

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