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This program is designed to bring out the power within, to help you break away from the fog and find your inner light. 

We work together through a process of self-discovery. Find out what internal language you use that is limiting your growth and give you the tools and guidance you need to change it. 

During our initial session, we uncover what things have held you back. Find out how your inner voice communicates with you and develop ways to change it.


This program is custom designed for your own specific needs based on what you indicate your top three goals are. We look at these goals and develop a clear and concise road map.  

Six session plan includes a Hypnosis/Coaching Session each week for six consecutive weeks, assignments, and accountability Check In's. Also access to your personal On-Demand portal for weekly Meditation and Hypnosis Videos. 

Each session is 105 minutes (1hr/45min) in length. A customized action plan is determined and provided at the beginning. 

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