Virtual Events & Workshops


All virtual events and workshops are offered via Zoom. You are NOT required to participate on video. The presentation will be streamed where you will have full access to the event and any provided workbooks and worksheets. You will be provided log in details once you purchase your event ticket. 

September 21st 7:00Pm AST

Rising Strong - $10

This motivational story of devastation and resurgence will leave you with the tools and insight to know you can indeed overcome anything. Deanna finally shares her whole story of unimaginable loss and how she got back it.


September 21st 7:00PM AST

Law of Attraction - $25

Discover the tools and mindset you need to utilize this amazing tool. We will take you through the process of determining your goals and the mindset shift you need to get there. You will get a step by step process of how to redesign your thinking and achieve your goals. 

September 22nd 7:00PM AST

Reframe, Rethink & Regroup - $20

Is your subconscious stopping you from moving forward? Are you stuck? Are you living your life based on the generational programming that you were taught? Do you feel like there is more in life for you but you are unsure how to get there? This seminar will help you pull away those layers to really see what is holding you back and steps you can take to move forward. 

September 26 7:00PM AST 

How to Move Past Generational Trauma - $20

So many people today and moving through life based on trauma passed down to them from the past. A way of thinking, of expectation, of obligation and so forth. 
Learn ways you can change your programming and define your unlimited "authentic" potential. 

September 27th 7:00PM AST

Stop Spinning - $20

Are you really struggling with the busyness of your life? Finding it hard to nourish your soul, your self and your authenticity? Have the last couple of years left you depleted and angry? You are not alone. 

Join us to discover where so many are and the tools you need to push yourself forward. 

September 28th 7:00PM AST

You're Worth It - $20

What is your self talk like? Do you tend to think negative thoughts about yourself and your world around you? Are you really struggling with discovering the real and authentic you buried deep within your environment? 

Come and join us to discover how you can really change those inner voices, thoughts and subsequent habits. It really it within your own reach with easy tools to help. 


October 3rd 7:00Pm AST

Grief - Moving Past & Growing Forward $20

Have you suffered a loss? This does not just have to be attached to a person. Grief can effect in in many ways with the loss of a job, home, friend etc. There are steps you can take to move forward and to reignite your internal flame again. 


October 5th 7:00PM AST

Increase your Vibration & Frequency - $15

Our thoughts and behaviors hold a frequency. When we are internally vibrating at a lower frequency this can manifest into illness and behavior issues. Join us to learn what frequency thoughts are, how to discover yours and learn ways to increase your over all vibration for better health and more balance mind, body and spirit.

October 10th 7:00PM AST

Body Image & Confidence - $20

Learn to look at yourself as the true inspiration and warrior that you are. We will peel away those layers to help you truly see the real and authentic you... then you will discover how to love her. 
We will talk about societal programming and teach you how to reframe that thinking and stop believing the narrative. 

October 12th 7:00PM AST

Self Love - The Woman in the Mirror - $20

We will begin with a simple picture and work out way through that. You will discover the "her" inside of you that pulls you through, carries you when you need it and loves you unconditionally. You will pull her out and fall in love with her. 

October 17th 7:00PM AST

Discovering & Balancing Your Chakra System

You will learn about your energetic field and how that effects you both physically and emotionally. We will go through each of the Chakras and discus how they effect the body and behaviors. You will learn to self balance your own in a regular bases to allow yourself to be more balances and free of the emotional restraints they can have on us. 

October 19th 7:00PM AST

Gratitude - $20

This seems like a very simple word and behavior however, it is not. Many people are caught within the spiraling effect of collective energy, gossip and hopelessness. We will go over the frequency of emotions and you will discover ways to increase your awareness and gratefulness within your day. 

October 24th 7:00Pm AST

Forgiveness - How, Why & When  - $20

This is a very powerful emotion ad it can hold us back within our own lives and growth potential. Many hold onto past wrongs for far too long when discovering how and when to can be amazing and freeing experience. You will be taken step by step through an effective process to not only allow your freedom for what you are holding onto today, but for your future. This will be a very powerful workshop.

October 26th 7:00PM

Healthy Boundaries - $20

We will talk about all levels of boundaries and will help you determine where you are. Then, we go over the tools you can use to define yours, implement them into your life and allows others within those lines. 

We will talk about obligation, narcissism behavior and understanding how to not only recognize this, but eliminate it within your life.