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My Story

For as far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed helping people. As I grew into a young adult, I moved into the geriatric nursing field and then onto social services where I focused on assisting mature clients. Due to a severe injury and car accident I was forced to leave this field that I so deeply cherished. 

I then discovered sales and found an internal passion. I built and fostered sales teams to become the best they could be, to pull out their own inner flames, and to succeed. Little did I know at the time that these skills within me would eventually push me to fully understand how the mind works and how we can nourish it the exact same way we nourish our body. It was astounding to me the way we can literally reframe our thinking and design our own destiny, from the mind. 


Over the years I have coached thousands of people to move past their fear, grow, and expand their passion.  This via public speaking engagements, one on one or through workshops. Seeing people move out of the comfort zones and become everything they can be, is truly heartwarming, humbling, and rewarding. 

I then decided to really learn, so I began my journey studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), several coaching programs, and then added Hypnosis. All of the training and combined life experience, allows me to fully connect with my clients and provide them the tools they need to succeed. 

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Deanna L. Byrne
CHt, cMT, mNLP

Solutions Designed for YOU

After 35 years working in both the business and wellness fields, I discovered basic principles that you can use in every area of your life or career that assist in finding your own passion along with creating mindfulness and peace. This experience comes from working with thousands of people, just like you. Those wanting to grow, learn, foster, and live life with (on) purpose.

I work with clients to design a road map to achieve and master success in not only your personal life but also in strengthening your entrepreneurial and visionary needs.

Together, we work through a wide range of obstacles that may be limiting and preventing you from achieving peace, happiness, and focus. We clear away the noise in your head that is holding you back.

By partnering with an Accredited Life Coach you will gently move forward with the confidence you need to re-light your internal flame and bring your vision to life.

Spiritual Coaching

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Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentoring is a unique and soulful experience.
We connect the dots to align yourself with your souls purpose. Helping you to discover the truest version of you and to step into your own authenticity.


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Are you looking for clarification and insight into your life and souls journey?

As a trusted and experienced card reader along with being an accredited spiritual life coach with over 30 years experience, I can help.


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