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12 Pillars of Deanna Byrne Coaching

At the heart of Deanna Byrne Coaching lies a profound commitment to fostering empowerment, confidence, and resilience, particularly in the lives of women. Deanna’s unique approach is encapsulated in twelve foundational pillars, each designed to guide you on a transformative journey towards realizing your full potential. These pillars embody a holistic philosophy, recognizing the intricate interplay between mind, body, and spirit in the pursuit of personal growth and self-realization.

Deanna’s coaching style is deeply rooted in empathy, authenticity, and empowerment, ensuring that each pillar is not just a concept, but a lived practice. Through a combination of personal exploration, practical strategies, and supportive community, these pillars serve as the guiding lights on your journey with Deanna Byrne Coaching. They are the building blocks upon which confidence is built, resilience is cultivated, and a deep sense of empowerment is realized.

Embrace these pillars as your roadmap to transformation, as Deanna guides you with expertise, compassion, and unwavering support. Together, you will navigate the intricacies of your unique journey, unlocking your inherent potential and stepping into a life of purpose, passion, and empowerment. Welcome to Deanna Byrne Coaching, where your journey to empowerment begins, and your transformation is celebrated every step of the way.

1. Holistic Nourishment: Deanna emphasizes the interconnectedness of body and mind, encouraging practices that nourish both aspects of being. This includes adopting a balanced diet and engaging in mindfulness practices, aiming to cultivate physical strength and mental resilience.

2. Celebratory Movement: Deanna’s approach involves embracing physical activity not just as a means to an end, but as a celebration of the body’s capabilities. Through embodied movement, clients enhance their vitality and build confidence from within.

3. Regenerative Rest: Recognizing the power of rest and relaxation, Deanna encourages clients to prioritize their sleep and downtime. This pillar is about rejuvenating both mind and body to ensure resilience and clarity in every aspect of life.

4. Vital Hydration: Deanna stresses the foundational role of hydration in overall health and well-being. She educates clients on the importance of staying well-hydrated as a simple yet powerful practice for maintaining vitality.

5. Positive Self-Image Cultivation: Central to Deanna’s coaching style is the focus on building a loving and positive view of oneself. This pillar is about fostering a deep-seated sense of confidence and belief in one’s own worth.

6. Stress Resilience: Deanna equips her clients with practical strategies to manage stress and maintain composure, even in challenging situations. This pillar is about developing inner strength and resilience.

7. Emotional Wisdom and Expression: Deanna values the power of emotional intelligence and encourages her clients to understand and express their emotions in healthy ways. This pillar also emphasizes building deep, authentic connections with oneself and others.

8. Purposeful Living: Deanna guides her clients in identifying and pursuing their passions and values, encouraging them to live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

9.  Supportive Relationship Building: Recognizing the importance of community, Deanna’s coaching style emphasizes creating and maintaining relationships that empower and uplift.

10. Dedication to Growth: Deanna fosters an environment of continual learning and self-discovery, encouraging her clients to commit to their personal development journey.

11. Community Empowerment: Deanna believes in the power of lifting others up. This pillar involves contributing to the empowerment of other women and fostering a supportive community.

12. Gratitude and Self-Kindness Practice: Deanna teaches her clients to cultivate a sense of gratitude and practice self-compassion, ensuring they acknowledge their worth and celebrate their progress.

Through these pillars, Deanna Byrne’s coaching style reflects a holistic, empathetic, and empowering approach, tailored to meet the unique needs and experiences of women.

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Deanna L. Byrne 

Internationally Accredited Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Working With Deanna

Embarking on a coaching journey with Deanna is a transformative experience that requires a mutual fit between coach and client. As such, not all applications are accepted into Deanna’s coaching programs. The application process is meticulously designed to ensure that both Deanna and the potential client are well-aligned in terms of goals, commitment, and readiness for change. Deanna is deeply committed to the success and growth of her clients, and this selective process helps to maintain the high standard of her coaching experience. If you are ready to commit, eager to grow, and open to challenging yourself, you are encouraged to apply. However, please understand that acceptance into the program is based on a careful evaluation of your application to ensure that Deanna’s coaching style and your readiness for transformation are in harmony. This process guarantees that each coaching relationship is set up for success, fostering an environment of growth, empowerment, and meaningful change.

Payment Terms & Cancelation

Coaching and Hypnosis Session payments are required at the time of booking.  We accept all major credit cards and e-transfer. We do not offer payment plans at this time for single appointments however we can offer them via our credit card portal (Canadian clients only). 

Payments are non-refundable however will be used towards future appointments as per the criteria below. Virtual sessions that exceed the time booked are billed at the rate of $120.00 per 30 minute extension. 

Coaching & Hypnosis Cancelation Terms: 

  • No-show appointments are 100% non-refundable.  

  • 48 hours notice is required to cancel with the exception of a medical emergency. The investment will be used towards a future appointment. 

  • Cancelation prior to 48 hours results in your investment being placed towards your next appointment. 

  • Cancelations within 48 hours of appointment time are 100% non-refundable. 

  • Membership fees may be canceled with 30 days' notice. 

  • Your appointment is not confirmed or held until payment is processed or received. 

  • Coaching or Hypnosis packages are 100% non-refundable. If you choose to cancel after your initial appointment and request a refund, that will be determined on an individual basis. The one session cost along with a $75.00 admin fee to cover the costs associated with setting up your coaching file will be deducted along with other costs associated with your file. 

  • You are provided a list of in-depth personal work to do with all coaching and hypnosis packages. This is also taken into consideration for any requested refunds. If you have chosen to not complete this work no refunds are issued.  

  • Courses, readings and executive programs are non refundable.


Hypnotherapy and Coaching is a non-regulated field within Nova Scotia. Deanna Byrne is certified and accredited in Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and a Master Life Coach. Hypnotism is a self-regulating profession and its practitioners are not licensed by provincial governments. Deanna is not a physician nor a licensed health care provider and does not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend you discontinue any medically prescribed treatments. A client has a right to refuse hypnotherapy and coaching services at any time. A client has a right to know the expected duration of sessions prior to the commencement of treatment. Hypnosis is not guaranteed and its effectiveness is individual. In the event,  the Telehealth platform is used for virtual sessions it does not change the scope of practice. This is a platform used within the health and medical industry and should not be confused with coaching. We do not diagnose or treat disease. It is recommended you seek guidance from your licensed medical care team prior to adding additional treatment options. 
Individuals under the age of 18 must have parental or caregiver written consent and they are required to be in the room during any hypnotherapy. To review the Coaching Code of Conduct click here.

Appointments are confidential however, in the event there is a fear of self-harm or harm to others, we have a professional obligation to contact appropriate professionals. In the event of a report of abuse to children, we are also obligated to report this to Child Protective Services. At which time your client file will be released to those appropriate professionals. 

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