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Your Reading

Thank you for reaching out to request a reading from Deanna. 

Deanna has 30 years experience and has completed readings and spiritual coaching internationally. She is a channel for information and spirit guidance. She does this very effectively connecting to your own energy. 

Requesting a reading grants permission to access your energetic field and complete the reading for you.

What you can expect and the reading process:

  • We will respond to your email with this link to review the process and a offer a tentative reading date. 

  • We will provide you the cost of your reading and also provide you the Paypal link to pay. All readings must be prepaid to secure your reading time. There is no need to confirm the appointment time as you are not required to be there during the reading. If you prefer to do a Zoom please let us know. There is an additional fee for a virtual "in person" reading. Please ensure you use the same email address to pay via Paypal as you did to book. If it is different please email us to let us know so we can connect the payment to your booking properly. 

  • Readings are completed and a detailed audio recording is sent to you along with a customized PDF file of your reading layouts with all images. 

  • You will receive your audio recording file and PDF within 24-48 hours (Weekdays) after your scheduled time. 

  • Your files are yours to keep. We recommend you listen to them several times as needed. Also spend time looking at the images from your reading on the cards. How do they speak to you? All of this is the continued energetic flow of your reading and that information, a continuation of spirit communicating with you. 

  • Deanna is not a medium. There are times when a lost loved one will come through in a reading however this is not to be expected.

  • Readings for predictions such as health, wealth or pregnancy are not offered. 

  • Readings must be for the individual that requested it. Deanna will not complete readings about other people. This is not an ethical practice without permission.

  • Spirit guided readings provide you with direction, clarity and confirmations. They are a guide for you to choose your directions moving forward. They are not a definitive yes or no. As much as we want to have those concrete answers we need to always remember that our own direction and choices can always effect out comes. 

  • If Deanna required any clarification on specific questions we will email you prior to your scheduled reading. 

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