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Stop Trying to Manifest UNTIL You Discover the Missing Piece!

What is your big vision for your life or one of your goals?  What is your current strategy to get there? And why is this so incredibly important to you?

So now that you've defined what your current strategy and goal is for your life, how important is it for you to achieve it right now? Now let's be 100% honest. What's really preventing you from reaching that particular goal, right now, today?

Just imagine if you had the ability to manifest exactly what you would love to see in your life?

The reality is, many people have been using the Law of Attraction for hundreds of years to define and manifest exactly what they want in their lives.

The issue today is that there is one missing component that so many people are never able to isolate. And that is simply human frequency.

The ability to manifest everything you desire is completely connected to the level of frequency you are omitting in your own body. You and everything around you is simply pure energy. Like attracts like.


I have spent many years defining this and developing a program and a system that is very effective. It is simply broken down in five steps. You can create all of the vision boards you want, post sticky notes all over your house with amazing positive affirmations, visualize and dream all of the things that you want to accomplish and manifest. But if your limiting beliefs are in the way, which 90% of peoples are. You will simply not manifest and accomplish what you want.

This in-depth program offers you all of the tools along with the coaching that you need to completely reframe your thinking, adjust your mindset, enhance your frequency, and create everything that you want within your life.

If you've heard the term quantum physics, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, and re framing ones mindset, then you have already discovered the first step in the Quantum Manifesto Matrix program. Work with me to define and discover the next four.

I personally used the basis of the Law of Attraction and incorporated all of the other steps to develop this incredible program while building an 8 figure company, organically. I also recognized and defined the pivotal moment where it all began to fall apart. And that is when I discovered the power of frequency.

If you are ready to truly change your life, to truly define and develop the future that you seek and are truly ready to let go of those thoughts that stop you from being the best you can be, let's work together!

Quantum Manifesto Matrix Program is ONLY open to 20 participants per month so participants can really benefits from more personalized coaching sessions . 

Once you sign on you will continue to have access to the platform to review the content for as long as you like. The coaching is only available for 4 weeks. You can add on coaching for $900.00 Which will provide you with an additional six months. 

The Program:

Four Weeks of Coaching

15 On Demand Videos

6 Self Hypnosis Audio Files to Reframe Your Limiting Beliefs

In-Depth Workbook (at your pace)

Reframing and Restructuring

The Growth Mindset

Developing Awareness of Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviors

CBT Techniques: Cognitive and Behavioral

Wheel of Life

Emotional Intelligence

Thoughts Create Emotions  


Rewriting Your Life - Movie Script

Restructuring Your Feelings and Removing Cues & Triggers

Recoding Emotional Memory
Much, Much More

Program opens at the beginning of each month. ONLY 20 participants are selected. Program cost includes 4 weeks of group zoom coaching. You can add on an additional six months for $900.00.

The program is On Demand and is housed within the Skool platform and you will have access to that platform for no additional fee as long as you need it.

Additional Info Videos

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