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Formally Meditate With Deanna

One App,
Many Uses

Discover tranquility and transformation in the palm of your hand with 'Elevate With Deanna formally; Meditate With Deanna'—your personal life coach on the go! This app is a sanctuary where the art of meditation meets the science of self-improvement. Experience a diverse range of guided meditations, self-hypnosis recordings, and soothing music tailored to usher you into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. But that's just the beginning. 'Elevate With Deanna' offers an immersive approach to personal growth with life coaching sessions, rejuvenating face yoga, and the powerful practice of tapping (EFT). Each feature is designed to align your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're seeking a moment of peace or a profound life change, this app is your gateway to a brighter, more balanced you. One app, all solutions—where every interaction leaves you feeling empowered and renewed. Welcome to 'Meditate With Deanna', where your journey to self-mastery begins.

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2 Million Video Views on Social Media - Turned Subscribers 

Simple Plans

Step into a world of calm and clarity with 'Meditate With Deanna'—now offering a FREE trial! Dive into our curated collection of wellness tools with no commitment. Enjoy flexible subscription options tailored to fit your lifestyle. Whether you're here for a moment of peace or a lifelong transformation, we adapt to your journey. Start today and unlock the door to a more serene and empowered you.

Personalized Content

 Unlock a treasure trove of tailored content. Discover meditation sessions that resonate with your soul, self-hypnosis for transformative self-empowerment, and inspiring challenges that encourage growth. Immerse yourself in harmonies that soothe with our exclusive music selection. Elevate your potential with one-on-one coaching, and start each day with insight through your daily oracle reading. This isn't just an app—it's a companion for your spirit, a guide for your mind, and a coach for your ambitions. 

Community Support

 The heart of 'Meditate With Deanna'—our exclusive community where like-minded souls converge to share, support, and inspire.  You'll connect with fellow journeyers who are as dedicated to personal growth and mindfulness as you are. This is a safe haven to deepen your practice, discover new perspectives, and form meaningful connections. Our community is a circle of friends you haven’t met yet, all here to uplift each other. 

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Meditate With Deanna. A life coach in your pocket!

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