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About Us

Transformational coaching rests on the premise that an expanded or shifted way of being, and the higher-order of thoughts, perceptions, and energies available within, is necessary to uncover what is needed to create the life that you desire. What you desire is within you. Transformational Coaching just helps to bring it to the surface.

Are you masking your true potential? Allowing busyness or distractions to disconnect your deeper connection to your mind, body, and soul? We are also seeing more and more "pandemic burnout". Living with the unknown fear factor for an extended period of time can deplete our internal energy storage and causes a wide array of other issues.

Together, we determine what is holding you back and utilize a series of proven tools and methods to help you move past what is stopping you from moving forward. You will bring forth your personal goals, objectives, and dreams to the table and in coaching conversations. To help facilitate your process, we support you while you dive below the surface and immerse yourself in self-exploration, to examine your belief systems, images, and interpretations about who you are and the purpose you have in this world. Transformational Coaching is the embodiment of a higher than the realized level of existence than you realized you had and the key to finding your passion and purpose.

Change happens at the core level of your mind, within your own internal operating system, and when you grow significantly at this level, it creates the impetus for equally significant shifts in your behaviors, choices, and emotions.

Real transformation occurs, as the necessary thoughts, attitudes, and actions which function to bring your envisioned goals into existence; grow and arise organically, as an expression of the fulfillment of your higher true self.

Transformational Coaching is your internal fuel, your accountability partner, and your end goal solution. Sessions are structured to your individual needs. You will be required to do the work, and we're here to help you, guide you, and are your dedicated accountability partner.  

Transformational Coaching pulls together many different modalities into one. We incorporate Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Meridian Techniques, Mindfulness, and Meditation to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Also, Hypnosis may be added depending on what you are looking to accomplish and needs that come up throughout our coaching relationship. These sessions are also customized to your individual requirements, are 100% safe, and never done without your permission.

Education & Professional Certifications and Accreditations.

"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it"


College Diploma in Business and Entrepreneurial

Geriatric Nurses Aid 
LLQP Insurance & Investments

Certificates & Diploma Programs

300 Hour Meditation Teacher

200 Hour Yoga Theory Facilitator 

Face Yoga Facilitator 

Mindfulness Practitioner 

Law of Attraction Facilitator

Grief & Bereavement Coach

Master Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

Therapeutic Art Therapy 

Sound Healing Facilitator 

Master Hypnosis Practitioner 450 Hours

Master NLP Practitioner  450 Hours

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Mindfulness CBT Practitioner 

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 

Meridian Psychotherapy Diploma 

Insomnia Practitioner  


Deanna L. Byrne CHt, cMT, mNLP

Professional Transformational Life Coach & NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner.

Accreditation & Memberships

Canadian Yoga Alliance (2020)

Complimentary Medical Association (2020)

Hypnotherapy World (2021)

Alliance of International Aromatherapists (2021)

HUB International (2020)

Extended Training in The Healing Arts

  • Clinical Aromatherapy 101

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy Massage 

  • Indian Head Massage 

  • Bio-Field Medicine 

  • Healing Hands Certification

  • Hot Stone Reflexology

  • Acupressure Therapy

Whom We Help

We work with people that are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and are lacking a clear focus to achieve their true potential. 

Also, we work with those looking for solutions for addictions and limiting belief patterns. Also, those looking for a plan to succeed. Tools and proven strategies to make you stay on track and be accountable.

How We Do It

We work with a large variety of proven techniques to take you through the process of changing belief patterns, reframe thinking, designing road maps for success, and am your accountability partner.

What's in It for You

Life Coaching & Hypnosis will help you find your passion and purpose, transform your life, and assist you in incorporating mindful practices in your daily life. By making the investment in yourself you can change your
Personal Road Map.

Master Life Coach

Deciding to become a Life Coach is a decision that combines life experiences, formal training, and a passion to assist others.

By combining life experience with the keys learned in coaching you are able to assist others with implementing the tools they need to overcome obstacles in their own lives. By combining NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, and Coaching, her clients experience excellent success rates.

Writer & Blogger

Deanna has written for industry magazines and is a Grief & Transformational Life Blogger. She uses her experiences to convey messages within the area she is documenting to provide information, tools, and knowledge-based suggestions. She currently publishes a newsletter called The Sacred Journey - Grief & Bereavement.

Her first book called "The Broken Widow, 365 Days of Grief", being written after tragically losing her husband suddenly in 2020, is soon to be released on Kindle.

Motivational Speaker

Deanna has spoken and many industry events over the years. She was a frequent event trainer and speaker within the direct marketing field, the travel industry and has hosted many events as a keynote speaker in the wellness field. 

She has worked alongside other industry speakers over the years and uses her experience and passion to pull in her audience, deliver results, and provides education, motivation and uses her life experiences to provide hope for attendees.

International Podcast Creator

Deanna started the Podcast called Meditate With Deanna in 2021 and it has grown to be streamed on all major platforms in 85 countries with over 100K active listeners worldwide. The premium selection can be found exclusively on Spotify. 

Top Corporate Executive

In 2011 Deanna started her own Travel Agency. She quickly built it into a multi-million dollar sales revenue agency and was in the top six in Canada. During her tenure, she was also on the international advisory board for Travel Leaders Network and the Canadian Council in Canada.

Her agency consistently won top agency awards, Deanna was featured in many trade magazines and also won Chamber of Commerce top large business of the year. She was a member of the BBB for several years with an A+ standing. Deanna was frequently called "The Maverick" in the industry because of her direct approach to business. Her knowledge and experience in the corporate world is extensive. She is frequently asked to speak at events, train and mentor agency staff, and build a safety net and "Best Practices" for the industry executives. Her agency maintained a 0% fraud rate during its tenure which was unheard of within the industry. 

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