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What is
Grief Coaching?

Grief Can Feel Like Cement


If you have suffered an unimaginable loss then working with a Grief Coach can help.

Trying to navigate the process can be exhausting, lonely, and terrifying. Working with a Grief Coach differs from working with a grief counselor or therapist. Coaching allows you to move through the process in a safe area where your growth, pain, and bereavement process is honored. 

You will be provided tools and a road map for healing that is specifically designed for you. There is no judgment nor expectations. We partner and work through the process together. 

Grief Coaching Can Help With:

  • Rediscovering your passion and purpose.

  • Understanding the grief and bereavement process.

  • Accepting there are no timelines or cookie-cutter solutions. 

  • Developing customized strategies that you can work with as you need to. 

  • Navigating different spiritual options that are available to you. 

  • Understanding the stages of grief and how to navigate them. 

  • Discovering Therapeutic Art, journaling, and writing to release the emotions, pain, and simply get it out of your head. 

  • learning simple yet effective Mindfulness Techniques that can help you to work through each day.

Deanna is a Certified Grief Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Therapeutic Art Coach, and Mindfulness Practitioner. Also, Deanna suffered the sudden and tragic loss of her husband and partner of 20 years. her commitment to your process of healing is personal, connected, and real. She provides support, compassion, and a deep and invaluable insight into this process. 

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