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Blog Post One: Gender Discrimination and Generational Trauma - A Series

There is so much happening around us right now with what is being termed "cancel culture". I wanted to do a bit of research on this to fully understand how this affects the human mind, programming and cultural beliefs. How this can help me within my coaching practice to guide people to grow and achieve their passion and purpose. It went so much deeper than that for me.

We hear the terms quite frequently; aversive racism, color blindness, cultural racism, economic, institutional and othering racism. More commonly used, racial discrimination, systemic racism and racial segregation. I don't see color (I am guilty of saying this), I treat people the way I am treated and so on...

A bit of my background, I am white. I grew up poor from a divorced family which was taboo in the 80's. I went to school in a predominantly mixed race community (black, white and lower percentage indigenous) and the word "gay" was unheard of. It was very much a have and have not community. A fishing community where in those days, fishermen made a lot of money (99% white)! If you did not come from a fishing family you were outcast. Blacks were paid to go to school and poor white families were not. I never fully understood this practice and even now, 45 years later I still don't. Indigenous were looked down upon because they were poor or living on handouts from the government (in which the government created).

I have been listening to the rhetoric and at times pulled into the chaos for the new "cancel culture". Leave history as it is they say, stop taking away my childhood they say... you get my drift. Nothing really kicked into my brain until today, when, I was scrolling the internet having my morning coffee when a picture came up. It was a picture of a woman running in the Boston Marathon. A white woman.

Up until 1972, women were not allowed to race in Boston Marathon. It all started in 1967, when Kathrine Switzer enrolled for the marathon, but the race official, the notorious Jock Semple, tried to take her number away during the race, as can be seen in the photo. Her boyfriend, who was racing too, stopped him and she managed to finish the race. It still took another 5 years to finally allow women to race officially. Ironically he looks a lot like Rudy Giuliani.

I was born in 1967 and there I sat looking at a picture of a white woman almost being accosted by a white man, simply because she was running in a race...... a race!

This picture literally took my breath away because I have personally experienced gender discrimination again, and again in the business world. "Gender Wage Gap" is still a thing in 2021 and this way of thinking is changing (generational programming) but still predominant in our thinking. This picture is only 54 years old AND women were still not able to run in this race until 1972 (read that again).

This made me sit and do a bit more research on generational programming. What events happened, how did technology add to this, what was the stability of the world financial state like? etc... How and what started to change this unhealthy programming? And Who?

To break down a bit what terms are used for generations:

  • Baby Boomer - 1946-1964

  • Gen X - 1965 - 1979

  • Xennials - 1975 - 1985

  • Gen Y - 1980 - 1994

  • Gen Z - 1995 - 2012

  • Zillenials ( Gen Z) - 1994 to present

There have been many shifts in cultural thinking in all generations, however most prominently, Gen X. Many of these shifts have seen growth in thinking along with human rights being brought to surface and a struggle for over all equality. However, many would say these are only words, because even though laws have been implemented the programming, thinking and over all actions of many, speak volumes. And continue today.

So, how do we change the thinking, the dialogue and the acceptance of those around us? What actually has to change to see a more inclusive landscape and how can we each, as a humanitarian ( concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare) achieve this?

This blog series will focus on each generation, dissect it to see what was happening and look at the next generation to discover how they chose to change. It will also go in depth to understand the internal and cultural programming that each and everyone of us has the capability to change within.

We tend to hear the term "millennials" so much now. Those troubled young folk that hate history and want to change everything. But what if they are the generation that is focused on changing the programming and rewriting their own lineage (even subconsciously)? What if this generation is the one that is breaking all barriers, pushing back at authority and allowing future generations to live in an inclusive and loving world? What if? Join me to work through this series. Discover how (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) works and learn the tools that you need to change it. We all have the power to stop and heal generational trauma today.



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